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How to connect

Do you want to play on Ares, but you find it difficult to join?

Follow these simple steps!

Internet Relay Chat

IRC is a way of communication with the Ares (TwinStar) team as well as with other players. You can use it if you need urgent help with some serious issue. IRC consists of various channels and each of them has its specific purpose:

  • - #twinstar is a channel for a free discussion. If you have a question that can be answered by other players, try to ask here.
  • - #twinstar-help is a channel where you can ask the members of the Ares (TwinStar) team to help you. However, we cannot guarantee 24/7 service as it always depends on whether a team member is present on the channel.

Learn more about IRC.

Bug reporting

If you have found any issue while playing, report it please at our Bug Tracker.

Getting Started With Bug Tracking.

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