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InGame Features

InGame Features


  • Setable XP rates from 0 to 12 times. – You can set xp ingame by this command: .xprate X (where X is number from 0 to 12)
  • Free skills up to level 58
  • Continuous opening Instances and Arena seasons
  • Pathfinding & Line of Sight enabled in the whole world, including dungeons, raids and battlegrounds
  • Expanding community
  • Incredible support from team and gamemasters
  • Daily ingame Events from Event Masters
  • High class development
  • Dungeon Challenges
  • Completely English environment for English speaking foreigners


PvP: PvP Season 3 Dungeons: Open everything Raids:
Karazhan (10-man) Open
Gruul’s Lair (25-man) Open
Hellfire Citadel: Magtheridon’s Lair (25-man) Open
Coilfang Reservoir: Serpentshrine Cavern (25-man) Open
Tempest Keep: The Eye (25-man) Open
Caverns of Time: Hyjal Summit (25-man) Open
Zul’Aman (10-man) Open
Black Temple (25-man) Open
Sunwell Plateau (25-man) Closed

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